this is what was in my profile for a few hours:

“here goes:

about….two weeks ago i found out my mom had cancer (melignant melanoma) in her forehead. it had also spread to her lymph nodes. so she went through testing and she had her surgery two days ago. it was 7 hours, but they’re pretty sure they got all of it. she has improved alot(thank god) and i think shes coming home tomorrow.

as for me, it was kind of hard. i’m pretty sure the last few weeks i haven’t really been myself all the time, and i’m sorry about that. when i found out, i only told one person (matt)…thank god for him. i only told a few people other than him a while later, but i didn’t want anyone making a big deal out of it. i learned alot from it…about life, love, everything. i wish it wouldn’t have happened in the first place, but i think something bad like this really pulls people together and it was an experience i won’t forget.”

thanks for all of you that expressed your care

you gotta live life to it’s fullest. i think we all get into a comfort zone with our lives.  we wake up, do pretty much the same thing, and then go to sleep.  but shit, you never know when it could all end.  hell, i could be driving home from football practice and get hit by a car..and it would all be over.  everyone complains about shit they have to do…but i’d take anything over dying.  “live every day like it’s your last”.  i used to think that was a stupid saying….but now i know theres alot of truth to it.  sure, you need to be senseable about things and think about your future….but if you don’t enjoy every day of your life…then you’re missing out.  we weren’t sent to earth to be unhappy.  if you don’t live your life..then whats the point?  so many people die everyday from cancer, disease, everything…and i wonder if they lived their life to its fullest.  we only get one life to live….but so many people don’t live it.  people stay in their comfort zone…doing the same boring thing everyday.  well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  don’t let life slip away.

sorry if that sounded like some life-or-death speech….but this shit comes to your mind when someone in your life is a life-or-death situation..goodnight

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another thing to add to that would be
    don’t hold grudges.  they’re not worth holding at all.  forgive and forget.

  2. MareeKate says:

    hello timothy matthew lavenz… at this point in your life [when you wrote this, you didn’t know me.. and i didn’t know you…] kinda odd… but i thought that i’d like to comment on an entry from over a year ago cuz i’ma cool kid like that… and it’s kinda cool to see your entries from when i didn’t know you.. but yeah.. i would agree.. live life to the fullest.. “dig it”* … update soon dude… later gater
    *quote via Joe Dirt.

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