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Credible Sources

My longing for truth was one single prayer. –Edith Stein In response to the simple but essential question, how do you know what sources to trust?, the easiest and best answer is: trust your gut. In the beginning, of course, … Continue reading

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Self-Constraints V (Constructivism)

Radical constructivism begins from the assumption, as philosophers since Kant often do, that there is an essentially unbridgable gap between the knowing subject and the external world and that, because this gap is always mediated by fallible sense organs and … Continue reading

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On the Birth of Messiahs

My research into the Messiah-idea has led me to some strange conclusions and paradoxes. I have come to reject without reservation what I call the “one-man hypothesis”: the idea that the Messiah could be one singular flesh and blood person … Continue reading

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