With Them Without Words: A non-dual heritage of future language

Article on poetry and language through the lens of Tristian Tzara, Derrida, and Schlegel now live at Epoché Magazine as of April 2022: https://epochemagazine.org/51/with-them-without-words-a-non-dual-heritage-of-future-language-in-tzara-derrida-schlegel-and-beyond/

As enticement to read, the features that unite what I call there a non-dual heritage of future language are as follows:

ironic stance toward any thesis statement, logic, reason, philosophy
—centrality of movement over stasis, construction over edifice
—awareness of the spectrality or transience of words and language as artifice
openness to reformulation and rearticulation even of basic truths and guiding principles
—priority on communication between spirits, rather than doctrines, meanings, debates
—focus on a freedom conditioned by the desire for justice as a human constant
—exhortation to the chance-like, spontaneous and dispersed process-nature of creation
—insistence that poetry and life must never be separated

Please visit the link for the full text and be sure to visit the rest of the articles in the issue: https://epochemagazine.org/issues/51/. Thank you to the friends at Epoché for continuing to publish my work.

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