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Every exegesis should lead us to the truth of existence. –Yves Bonnefoy The seeds of many possible academic projects have, in the past, catalyzed my mind: a dissertation on Kierkegaard’s theory of indirect communication in relation to Agamben’s notion of … Continue reading

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Intimate Dark

Our worries about community– its delicacy, its delectablility…– run parallel. Bataille would assert that the “originary distinction” between self and other derives from the world of utility, the world of objects, which itself derives from a need for stability. Just … Continue reading

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Short Sad Thoughts

The question of an artwork that evokes “all worldly knowledge,” the theme of the 2013 Venice Biennale, initially sends us in search of one as encompassing as possible, able to embrace the multitude of knowledges and the multitude of worlds … Continue reading

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