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BEARINGS OF LOVE May 26, 2016 Hallucination of interiority, sovereign of rage and complaint, master of habit and personhood, where does your love go? Where does your love go, your bizarre signals of desire and distress? Where does your love … Continue reading

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Autocatalytic Antagonism

One reason our society remains locked in hatred and stupidity is our unwillingness to be uncomfortable, to have the honest conversation, to feel challenged and be changed. Such is the minor and quotidian cycle of accepting what appears to be … Continue reading

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Potentionless, additionless, intentionless, possessionless, future-less, needless… less, less, less, that is the only key you ever found, it shuttered beneath all your proud statements, it was your faith (kindness, silence, servitude) neutralizing all your individual, until the last bad habit … Continue reading

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