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Update from Hell

This update from Hell is brought to you as a footnote to Georges Bataille’s book “Erotism.” The day will come when the measured approach betrays you. You’ll want to do violence to something: violence itself will prove unsuppressible, insufferable. And … Continue reading

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Negligible Differences

God isn’t humanity’s limit-point, though humanity’s limit-point is divine. Or put it this way– humanity is divine when experiencing limits. –Georges Bataille. First Axiom: There is no such thing as a negligible difference. But all differences are, in the end, negligible. … Continue reading

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Against Atheism

In this post, I will try to spell out what makes “mainstream atheism” so loathsome in my eyes. Then, and throughout this post, I will offer a contrasting view of “atheism” that I think is more intellectually and spiritually respectable. … Continue reading

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Expressions of disgust

Life would become endurable only among a humanity which would no longer have any illusions in reserve, a humanity completely disabused and delighted to be so. — Emile Cioran So goes the deceptively straightforward guidepost for the following expressions of disgust. … Continue reading

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From start to start over

For those who wish to get clear of the difficulties it is advantageous to discuss the difficulties well; for the subsequent free play of thought implies the solution of the previous difficulties, and it is not possible to untie the knot of … Continue reading

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