Hard to credit any notion of “reflection” that doesn’t undertake to break the mirror, and fast, faster than light, before the image even reaches the reflecting surface (call it the world or more broadly the ‘interface’).

Trick is that as thinking beings we presume ourselves seen in the mirror of our own thinking first. Thus defenses of selves and their demands at the expense of love’s clarity. Not an accident that Descartes was stared into fire and wax: immanent meltables. With transcendental thinker comes transcendental world–is it an error? Obviously there’s no skipping over this detour. But believing in it like fact? Admit it, that’s avoidable, in fact, all you do is avoid it, especially when you open your mouth to a stranger or dance alone in the street to some sublime tune that taps you into the euphoria of nascence…

We have to obliterate the time in which we write ourselves. Rewrite the history we’ll be without succumbing to it. Without-time is the real time of our occurrence, our “eventness” beyond all the precedents of being, however one chooses to inscribe or map it out. (Did I mention it’s possible for the crushed mirror to love you? Shards of restart, embarking for the purposeless…)

But there’s a cacophony of knowledge in the mirror that impedes the desire to let it be crushed. Call it a circle of nightmares that catch us in dreams of alienation and sadness. And yet we know by death the dispersal is total, there is nothing to retain. How simple it could be to embrace that, and erase.

As for the smudges and smears, cherish. This is an act of construction in thought, this is an intervention on the mirror. It accesses no visible face. The contours of your scars and worries are retained in the unseen that escapes them.

Do I love the mirror or you? Obvious answer: escalating the possibility of near, the dawning body comes to be. Perhaps then the mirror does remember something of your truth. “I escape me…”

(Forgive them transparent ones, for they know not who they pursue… Did I mention the mirror could love you…?)

―Sept 8, 2016

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