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Common ontology

(By the way, the logic of “with” often requires a heavy-handed syntax in order to say “being-with-one-another.” You may suffer from it as you read these pages. But perhaps it is not an accident that language does not easily lend … Continue reading

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Death, resurrected

I stood as a pupil of death: stood before death’s boundless knowledge and let myself be educated. –Rainer Maria Rilke Resurrection: not a concept, not a consolation, not a frenzied feeling… but a certitude, a singular certitude, certain only of … Continue reading

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Priceless presents

A subtle, little book by Jean-Luc Nancy came to me in the mail today, L’Équivalence des catastrophes (Après Fukushima), which condenses quite nicely Nancy’s “outlook” on the state of the world and the task of thinking today.

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