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Once again, nothing satisfies. Highlights of refined intellectual insight, tight passages of poetry, breathy rigors of the negative dialectic– all this bores me. More boring are my own words– my own insight, poetry, negativity– including my denunciation of everything that … Continue reading

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JOIE CHRONOLOGIQUE BOTTOMED OUT ME, EASED, ERASED CONFESSION USELESS SECRETS COMBUSTION ELSEWHERE SLIPAWAY FEARLESS WRITING ANCHORS REFUSE MECHANICS FOR NOW has only been titled many years after the initial “work” on this volume started in summer 2010. I remained thoroughly … Continue reading

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BOTTOMED OUT Solutions are engendered at precisely the same time that the problem determines itself… But the problem in itself is the reality of the genetic element, the complex theme which does not allow itself to be reduced to any … Continue reading

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What I can’t capture, I must: that which explodes me from the inside out and kills me: the unintelligible (not God). I must “capture”: my end, my love. You can imagine the despair such desires bring me to: I must love from beyond the … Continue reading

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At the Ends of Art

Rocking chair is still without a rocker but it’s still a chair. –Bibio I Art… over? — Hegel first proclaimed “the end of art,” and in the two centuries since, we have seen this prophecy come true. Of course, one will immediately object: but … Continue reading

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