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“The only healthy part of me…”

I am curious how you see things. I could say that writing is often like manning the shutter valve on a high-pressure pipe. There never seems to be an end to the water that might gush out of it once … Continue reading

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Adi Da and the “Radical” Truth

John from Australia has asked me, quite unexpectedly, what I might say in response to Adi Da Samraj and His Divine Transmission. What a splendid oppurtunity! I am not sure if he meant this as a challenge to what I’ve … Continue reading

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Nontology II

What we need are voices that are singular, distinct, and that do not properly understand one another, voices that call to one another, that provoke one another. —Jean-Luc Nancy A rather unprecedented comment by peterkiernan to my post on Nontology prompts the current text. It … Continue reading

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