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An Experience At Heart (by Jean-Luc Nancy)

AN EXPERIENCE AT HEART by Jean-Luc Nancy Not to deal with Nietzsche here, not even with a theme from his thought, but to respond to the question: “What does Nietzsche tell us today?” To respond, I would like to take … Continue reading

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Graceful Erasure

Famous adventure of art: Robert Rauschenberg  knocks on Bill de Kooning’s apartment door and presents him with an idea, to erase one of his masterpieces. He had been experimenting with erasing his own drawings, but realized that it would never … Continue reading

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Preparing for Utopia

In a dialog entitled “Something’s Missing,” Ernst Bloch and Theodore Adorno agree that there shall be no positive conception or vision of utopia. Adorno even links this interdiction to the biblical one against graven images. Utopian thinking then consists in … Continue reading

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