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Gott sei Dank

The only relation of consciousness to happiness is gratitude: in which lies its incomparable dignity. —Theodore Adorno Theological connotations and religious conclusions aside, let me briefly entertain the following hypothesis: the name “God” emerges from our spontaneous need to give … Continue reading

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Nihilism and the Absolute

Both enchanted Nature and the immanent Divinities are lost once the Absolute comes close and wants to be near us, bei uns. What is left in its proximity is the disenchanted World, without any ‘outside’, any ‘sacred’—except perhaps where the … Continue reading

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Creative Forgetfulness

Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders. So Nietzsche preached, and if there is one lesson to take away from his work, perhaps it is this: creative forgetfulness conditions fullness. Nietzsche’s critique is lodged … Continue reading

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